How to Host a Donation Drive (in 6 Easy Steps)

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Have you considered hosting a donation drive, but perhaps you’re not sure where to start? We’re here to help you get started and make your drive a success! There are six steps to organizing a successful drive. We’ve outlined them below, illustrated with photos from a recent drive hosted by our friends and supporters at Wafertech!

1. Plan Your Dates

Give yourself 3-6 weeks to advertise the drive before drop-off.

Allow drop off for 1 week at least. That will give people plenty of time to drop-off gifts, but still create a sense of urgency.

Even with the best planning it’s still a good idea to have a plan for late drop-offs! Inevitably things will come up so.

Wafertech used a “Minions” theme to promote their drive. The cute, memorable yellow characters tied together all the drive signage and communications.

2. Advertise

Printed materials

Distribute flyers and hang posters. Make use of team mailboxes and posting areas.

Group communications

Make use of existing news channels for your organization; be it a Facebook group, group email or message chain, live announcement during assembly, or newsletter.

Personal outreach

One of the best ways to make an impact is to recruit fellow champions! Think about who is influential and well-connected in your organization and find some time to talk to them about Children’s Center and ask for their help promoting the drive. Give them some flyers to distribute so it’s easy for them to spread the word.

Social Media

Create a Facebook event for the drive so people can find details and invite others easily. Share updates throughout your drive on your group’s social profiles, or your own!

A good timeline to follow is:

  1. Announce the drive 3-6 weeks before drop-off
  2. Tell people why they should care! Introduce Children’s Center to your group and let them know their donations will help children and families in Clark County.
  3. Post a reminder the week before drop-off reminding people of the dates, times, and location.
  4. Announce drop-off is now open!
  5. Share photos once or twice as donations arrive. This is a great opportunity to show gratitude to donors if you can catch them in the act!
  6. Post a reminder 1 day before drop-off ends.
  7. Announce that pick-up has ended and show gratitude to donors and organizers. Include a note telling people what to do if they missed drop-off.
  8. Follow up with a celebratory post letting donors know how much was collected and reminding them of the impact it will have on children and families in Clark County. This is a great opportunity to share a photo of all the donations being delivered to Children’s Center!



3. Set up a drop-off point

Pick an easily-accessible and high-traffic location. Perhaps a break room, lobby, or cafeteria.

Clearly mark or decorate a large box or bin, and hang signs nearby. TIP: Use gift wrapping paper to decorate a large box or bin!

Before drop-off starts, use this space to advertise the drive, and let people know this is where drop-off will occur.

4. Collect donations

It’s go-time! Remember to keep advertising and talking about the drive during drop-off week.

Check in to empty the bin as needed, and make sure signage is visible.

Sit back and watch the donations roll in!

A huge thank you to the WaferTech team for organizing this toy drive!

5. Deliver donations to Children’s Center

We’d love to meet you and your group when you deliver donations! Donations are accepted at Children’s Center at 13500 SE 7th Street, Vancouver, WA 98683, Mon – Fri., 8 am to 7 pm.

Contact Eileen Shine with questions.

6. Brighten the holidays for kids in need

By  organizing your very own Toy Drive, you are helping to bring love and support to families in need during a time of year that can be very difficult for some. If you have any doubts about the impact a small group of people can make, just check out these stories from last year’s gift drive!

Ready to organize a drive?

Contact Eileen Shine to get started!

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