Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program

Child Sexual Abuse
Treatment Program

One in four girls and one in six boys under the age of 18 have been victims of sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse crosses ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic boundaries. It happens to children in every kind of family, neighborhood, and community. Sexual assault can happen to anyone regardless of age, sex or race.

The impact of sexual abuse can range from no apparent effects to very severe ones. Typically, children who experience the most serious types of abuse—abuse involving family members and high degrees of physical force—exhibit behavior problems ranging from separation anxiety to posttraumatic stress disorder.

Children’s Center’s Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program offers specialized treatment to child victims of sexual abuse and non-offending family members to lessen the effects of the emotional and psychological trauma the child has experienced. There is hope for children who have experienced sexual abuse. With the right kind of help, children can recover completely and live normal and happy lives.

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