Our Donors

Our Donors

Our great appreciation to our donors who have made a difference in the life of a child

This list reflects
donations received between 1/1/2012 and 12/31/12


$20,000 and above
Meyer Memorial Trust


$10,000 to $19,999
Beaches Restaurant and Bar
Hansen Family Fund, a charitable fund of the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington
Allan and Saundra Kirkwood


$5,000 to $9,999
Pat and Wayne Beckett
Columbia Credit Union
The Columbian People in Need Fund, a Charitable Fund of the Community
Foundation for SW Washinton
Richard and Carol Dickey
Jo Marie and Steve Hansen
Kiewit Bridge and Marine District
NW Personal Training
Jan and Steve Oliva Charitable Fund, a Charitable Fund of the
Community Foundation for SW Washington
Riverview Community Bank
Sterling Financial Corporation


$2,500 to $4,999

Leslie Durst
Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital
Ed and Dollie Lynch Fund, a Charitable Fund of the Community
Foundation for SW Washington
New Phoenix Casino/The Last Frontier Casino
Pacific Continental Bank
Joe B. Pauletto Jr. Charitable Fund,a Charitable Fund of the
Community Foundation for SW Washington
Teresa Pauletto
Cherry and Ed Shaw
Jon and  Colleen Thrift



$1,000 to $2,499

Dustin Bennett
Bryant Family Fund, a Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation
for SW Washington
Peg and Steve Busick
The Community Foundation of Southwest Washington
Kathryn Corwin
Courtney Irvin Foundation
Chris and Tracey Feno
Kelley Gaylor
Samara Gilroy-Hicks
Greater Clark County Rotary Foundation
Heritage Bank
Clyde and Rena Holland
Ronald Keil
Elaine and George Killian
KMR Group Foundation
James Martin
Karlene and Wilson McKibben
Meiko Mitchell
MJ Murdock Charitable Trust
Jan and Steve Oliva
Vicki and William Pahl
Joe Pauletto and Kathy Corwin
Providence Health & Services
Quantum Residential
Erik Runyan Jewelers
John J. and Lois A. Tennant Foundation
U.S. Bank
Vancouver Firefighters Union IAFF Local 452
Voiture 99, La Societe Des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux
Waste Connections


$500 to $999

Kate and Cameron Altenhof-Long
Anonymous (2)
Bank of America Matching Gifts
Biggs Insurance Services
Tomi Blackledge
Earl and Kathleen Bowyer
BR Capital, Inc.
Helen Cartales
Sally Charuhas
Cinda and Bill Connelly
Lois A. Cook
Susan Courtney
Carol Curtis and George Welsh
Jane Duvauchelle
Ron Edwards
Evergreen Memorial Gardens/The Carlson Family
Tamara Fuller
Russ Garrow
Kim Hash
Lee and Nancy Hazelton
iQ Credit Union
Barbara Johnson
Lee and Connie Kearney
Joanne Kendall
Alicia L. Lowe
MacKay & Sposito, Inc.
McMillan Fitness Group Inc.
Paul Montague
David, Rochelle, Riley and Raegan Moss
New Seasons Market
Northwest Custom Electric
Pacific Office Automation, Inc.
Paula and Jim Palmer
Stuart Peek
Rand Jewelers
Julie Rawson
David and Kelly Reiter
The Rock Wood Fired Pizza
Tonya Rulli
Kate and David Sacamano
Lisa and Al Schauer
Dr Martha Sharman and Dr Warren Reid
Carrie Skerbeck
Smith-Root, Inc
Southwest Airlines Co.
Rick Takach
U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management
West Coast Bank
Mike and Patti Westby
Rebecca Writt
Candace Young Advised Fund, a Charitable Fund of the Community
Foundation for SW Washington
Jay & Diane Zidell Charitable Foundation



$250 to $499

Jane and James Adams
ADCO Commercial Printing, Inc.
Anonymous (2)
Winston and Jan Asai
At Your Place, LLC
Brian Baird
Beigeblond, Inc.
Rich Biggs
Mark Brown
Jack Burkman
Annette Cleveland
The Columbian
Jim and Sharon Crowson
Davidson & Associates Insurance Agency
Sheri Delgado
Brad and Lisa Dow
Tammy Fox
Cathy Golik
David and Cheryl Groth
Jack and Kay Grover
Ginger Hancock
Billy Henry
Scott Horenstein
The Scott Horenstein Law Firm PLLC
Julie Kuni
Scot and Brenda Lubbers
Makad Corp
John Marble
Howard and Susan Marshack
Bev and Jon McArthur
Sherri McMillan
Rick Melching Donor Advised Fund,  a Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation
for SW Washington
Marianne Moore
Betty Sue Morris
Randy Norris
The Nutter Family Foundation
Sally and Dave Palena
Daphne Perry
Prestige Development
Nancy Nellor Retsinas
Retsinas Law Offices, PC
Jennifer and Donald Rhoads
Robert Ridgley
Bill and Shannon Roller
April C Rosen
Robert and Geri Rowe
Jeanie and James Rulli
Don Russo
Bob and Sally Schaefer
Tim and Kelli Schauer
Rand and Suzanne Schiltz
Jonathan Scott and Kelly Nolen
Shamrock 51 Productions
Deborah Ewing Simon and Mike Simon
John and Joleen Skarberg
Tracy Skordahl
Julie Smith
Shair and Les Springer
Bill Thomas
Troy Thomas
U.S. Bancorp Foundation Employee Matching Gift Program
Tracey and Rick Waid
Kirsten and Gregory Wallace
West Marine Products Inc.
Susan Wolff and Judge John Wulle

Gifts from $50 to $250


Brian Acker and Lisa Donaldson
Active Network
Tim Adams
The Al Angelo Co.
Craig and Lyn Angelo
Anonymous (14)
Betty Avery
Veronica Avery
Barbara Ayers
Nancy Bacon
Jason Bailes
Bill and Judy Baker
Nancy Baker and Ray Barney
Tom and Donna Bashwiner
Chris Bear
Scott Beard
Jason Beatty
Lorraine and Gary Benke
Dave and Jeanne Bennett
Karen Berri
Heidi Johnson Bixby
Leah and John Black
Jay Blahnik
Matt Blessing
Lisa Block
Gary Bock
Kristine and John Bockmier
Victoria Bradford
Michael Brohoski
Margaret Broselle
Ted Broussard
Norwood Brown
Geri Brownstein, LCSW
Ann Bump
Julie and Leslie Burger
Shawna Burkholder
David Burrup
Jody Campbell
Kim and Lisa Capeloto
Robert Cappuccio
Joan Carter
Maureen Chambers
Meridith Chapman
Virginia and Eric Chapman
Charitable Estate Planning NW
Sheela Choppala-Nestor
Elizabeth Christy and Marle Taylor
Citizens For Lt. Governor Brad Owen
City Of Vancouver
Clark County Newcomers Club
Clark West Development, Inc.
Patricia Clark
Suzan L Clark Attorney At Law
Wayne Clemetson
Astrid Coats
Carole Collins
Maureen Colvin
Commercial Real Estate NW Inc.
Monica Cordero
Lisa Costa
Susanne Cox
Maria and James Creager
Anne Mowry and Ryan Cruser
Eric and Barbara Daniel
David and Barbara Dansky
Brian and Kimberly Davin
Daybreak Youth Services
Kathy and Pete Deschner
Joel Detter
Bob Dingethal
Divine Consign
Elayne Diyorio
Ann and Michael Donnelly
Jamie and Bill Dotson
Judy Dresser
David Dumas
Paula Dunham
Robert Durgan
Sandra and Richard Durland
Margaret Dyment
Katy and Chris Eberle
Pamela Eggleston
Patricia Ehlers
Eric Eisemann
Elite Muscular Therapy
Anita and Perry Elliott
Kathy Everidge
Nicholas and Catherine Fitzgerald
Dorothy Forsyth
Judie and Eric Fuller
Terrence Gadbaw
Lori Gascon
Vanessa Gaston
Cindy Gaylor
John and Joyce Gentry
Michelle Gilbert
Cindy Gipson
Tammy Gladson
Mark Gonzales
Sara Gourley
Kevin and Tanya Gray
Lisa Ingrid Green
David E. Gregerson
Bill Gregory
Brent and Paige Grening
Tammy Groat
Stephani and Richard Gunderson
Shawna Haase
Bruce Hagensen
Juliet Laycoe Hagley and Tom Hagley
Erin Haley
Naomi Hall
William Harrison
Ryan and Diane Hart
Lori Hawkins
Beth Hawkins
Robin Hayden
Hazel Dell Car Wash
Dana Hecker
Marla Heikkala & Associates, P.S.
Catherine Helgason
Daniel and Debbie Hempy
Chaun Henderson
Stevan and Wendy Herbst
Brian and Elizabeth Heurlin
Heurlin Potter
Teri Hill
Melinda Hinkley
Maryann Holbert
Jim and Randi Holland
Kathryn Holland
Cynthia and Steve Horenstein
David and Linda Horowitz
Lauren Hsu
Jason and Brenda Hudson
M. E. Hundis
International Air Academy
Mark Jackson
Jane and Paul Jacobsen
Java House
Anthony Johnson
Ryan Jonak
Timothy Kalberg
Kaseburg Charitable Remainder Trust
Cris and Pat Kelley
Carole and Michael Kelley
Lance Killian
Greg and Gayle Kimsey
Kimsey Sales
Stacey Kindschuh
Terry Kindschuh
Robert and Barbara Knauer
Jeanne Kojis
Giovanina M Kolafa
Margaret Kretschmar
KRM Management Services, Inc.
Phoebe Krueger
Buckley Kuhnhausen
Elizabeth Kuzma
Patrick Lamb Productions, LLC
Dean K. Langsdorf
Laurelwood Restaurants, Inc.
Teresa and Mark Lawwill
Laycoe & Bogdon PC
Cynthia and Steve Leatham
Tim Leavitt
Linda Lees Inc
Victoria Lessley
Jeanne Lightburn
Michael and Victoria Lindstrom
Living Design
Tammy Lochner
Jessica and Nathan Loren
Lillie and Kirby Lott
Tina Louise
Main Event
Joyce and Dick Malin
Kevin and Lisa Maney
Jamie and John Mathieu
Beverly McGuffin
John and Julie McIlvain
Kim Meadors
Rick and Sarah Melching
Dee Memering
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Tom Mielke
Dr Kenneth and Mrs Sandra Miller
Owieda Moe
Vila Kay Moreland
Catherine Morton
Randy Mueller
Gerald Murray
Justin Myers
Doug Ness
Shirley Newton
Susan and Stephen Nicholson
Nonprofit Network Southwest Washington
Northwest Association For Blind Athletes
Tony Obero
Gary O’Connell
Ambyr O’Donnell
Val and Dan Ogden
On The Edge Fitness Educators
William and Dorothy Osadchuk
Chad Ostrander
Brandy Ostrom
Overlook Investment Corporation
Brad and Linda Owen
Viola and Joseph Palena
Doug Palin
Cheryl and Brian Partridge
Allison Pauletto
Sue Pauley
Lawrance Paulson
Michael J. Plymale, Inc., P.S.
Dean and Joyce Potter
Susan Powers
Lee Rafferty
Karyl Ramsey and Chuck Bender
Linda Reid
Joan and Randall Renner
Martin Rifkin and Kate Jones
Greg Riggs
Marcia Roial-Cranciun
Michele and John Rudi
Christine Rulli
Celinda Rupert
Jada Rupley
Susan and Kurt Rylander
Kathy and James Scarborough
Marilee Scarbrough
Roman and Kimberly Schauer
Sara Scheetz
Jennifer Schmitt
Kay Schroder
Leah Cirith Anderson Sebree
Jamie Shindler
Cindy Shrum
Lori Simpson
Dorine and Lance Skordahl
Ann and Gary Skordahl
Joan and Tom Skoro
Ceci and David Smith
Larry Smith
Diana Smith
Brenda Snyder
Charlette Soderberg
Clyt’e Speidel and Paul Keown
Cherie Staehely
Judie Stanton
Stauffer-Cisco Supply
Margaret and Herbert Steinmeyer
Nancy Stenshoel
Paul Stringer and Liz Perry
Robert Stepsis and Nancy Fasano
Nancy Stevens
Sharon and Donald Stose
Elson Strahan
Mike and Erin Stromme
Strong Construction, Inc
Stuart Stuple and Bjoern-Eric Hartsfvang
Helen and Lewis Sullivan
David and Rosalie Swanson
Michael Swanson
Joe Tanner
Tara Taylor
Team Construction, LLC
Nancy and Laron Thompson
Marianne Thompson
Lisa Toth
Karry Tracy
Marguerite and Joseph Traverso
David Troupe
Michael True
Paul Tullier and Sheryl Sollars
Kristin Turek
Edward Turk
Troy and Shari Van Dinter
Vancouver Downtown Association
John and Margaret Vanderkin
Dr Katherine and Roger Vaughn
Deb Veach-White
Kathy Vickery
Anne Vitort
Robert M Vukanovich
Kristy and Kevin Weaver
Stacey and Michael Weaver
Dr. Steven Webb
Westby Associates, Inc.
D’Alene and John White
Nicole White
Donna Wiench & Michael Wills
Scott Wilcox
Michael Williams
Cathy Wilson
Laurel and Steven Wilson
Eric and Maria Alejandra Winkler
Jeanine Wisbeck
Leslie and Jan Wolf
Susan Worthy Memorial Community Investment Fund
Josy Wright
Heidi Yewman
Michael Yun



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