Our Stories

Our Stories

Every day, our dedicated therapists have successes. Each day, we are able to touch young lives. That is what makes our work worthwhile!

The following stories are true. Some of the names have been changed for confidentiality reasons. However, the purpose of the stories is the same. These children want to share their successes so that other children and their families, who walk through the Children’s Center doors for the first time, will know that hope and success is a possibility for them, as well.


Mariah’s Success story

Mariah a 14 year old client shares her thoughts about the service she received at Children’s Center

I was in counseling for approximately a year and a half. My mother, Barbara, got me started into it. Before I started I thought my life could never clear up. I was using drugs, drinking, cutting, running away, and not going to school. All at one time. It used to be hard for me to trust anyone, to open up to people, or let people get close to me. In any way, emotionally or physically.

Ms. Paula Johnson was my counselor. I started out thinking “this won’t help me.” I thought my mom was just trying to brush me off. I thought she just didn’t want to deal with me, or my problems.

After the first six months I looked forward to seeing Paula. She is so understanding. Plus she relates to me very well. She helped my life a huge amount! Without her, only God would know where I would be at right now. She is great at her job. I truly look up to Paula. She is a great role model and a profound woman.

I have gotten to know myself and lots of other things with her help. I have also learned a tremendous deal.

Now I look forward to waking up to a new day. I look forward to life. I love relationships with my family and friends. I trust guys more now. But most of all, if there is a problem that needs to be solved, I know that I can and will overcome it.




Once upon a time, there was a child named Stargirl. She was thin, anxious, bright, and easily angered by anything. She was miserable. Her beauty was ruined after she had picked out her eyebrows, her family was clueless about what to do with her, and her teachers didn’t understand. She didn’t eat, she didn’t sleep, and she would spend endless nights obsessively doing and redoing homework assignments, sometimes erasing until there were holes in the paper. In her 7th grade year, it was so bad that she couldn’t even write her fairy stories anymore, which is what she loved to do best. Walking through the halls every day at school was so much hell that she would cry herself to sleep, shivering uncontrollably. When she reads this tale of triumph she smiles, thinking of how far she has come since those dark days.

Through the kind and supportive treatment given by her friend/therapist, she has blossomed into a composed, aware, and articulate young woman who still hasn’t lost that fire. You can see it in her green eyes when they sparkle. She is quite an accomplished young lady these days, including being a reporter for her school newspaper, despite the fact that they usually do not allow people her age to be on staff. She enjoys being somewhat controversial, and is passionate about animal rights and human rights. She has also had her artwork included in a show in Olympia, and has had a piece published. Stargirl also is a runner, and qualified for the regional in Cross Country.

Stargirl learned that if she gets a bad grade it’s going to be ok and life goes on, if she screws up, it’s not going to destroy her life. She developed a little more pride in herself. She learned that people weren’t evil or angels, they were just people.

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