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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
—Margaret Mead

Who We Are and What We Need From You

Did you know there are over 1-million incorporated not-for-profit agencies in the United States? Some days, it can seem that each of them have sent you something in the mail, asking for your support. Just like every other agency, we are asking for your support and hoping for something in return—your money, your attention, your time. With so many choices available to you, why should you donate to Children’s Center?

Here’s Why

Children’s Center is local

We are locally governed and focused solely on mental health services to children and families. We are part of the community that we serve.

Children’s Center is stable

Founded in 1989, we have an annual operating budget of over 1-million dollars. We have built a Board-directed reserve of a little over 1-million dollars for future stability. This may make it seem that we do not need your donation, but nothing could be further from the truth. Any donation, no matter how big or small, goes directly to help support our programs.

Children’s Center is frugal with your time and money

Like every agency, we have overhead and administrative expenses. However, we try to keep them as low as possible. You can rest assured that we spend most of our money on actual programs that serve our community.

Children’s Center will remain true to our (and your) values

Our Board formally adopted a set of policies that set out to enhance your relationship with Children’s Center. Included in these policies is a Donors Bill of Rights which outlines exactly what you can expect from us.

Children’s Center is committed

Community Engagement is the process of building relationships with community members who will work side-by-side as an ongoing partner with Children’s Center. Together, in every way imaginable, we will build support for our mission with the end goal of making Clark County a better place to live.

Children’s Center aspires to more

While we stay true to our core values, we continue to look for new, innovative ways to serve the children and families of Clark County.

Donate to a specific cause of your choice

Sea the Difference

YOU can help Children’s Center complete its new building to help kids in our community. Add YOUR name to this beautiful glass mural – a centerpiece for our building – and make a lasting impact.

Capital Campaign

Children’s Center has been serving Clark County by meeting family mental health needs for over 23 years. We currently serve over 1,300 children, youth and their families each year. The demand for mental health services continues to increase, yet we do not have enough space to meet these demands. Because of space limitations, we rent […]

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