Our Mission

Our Mission

We serve children, youth and families through comprehensive community-based mental health services.

Our Vision

CHILDREN’S CENTER is dedicated to serving the community by providing quality mental health services to children and families of Clark County. We are committed to serving all children in need within our resources.

CHILDREN’S CENTER is an agency where everyone is valued and treated with dignity and respect and individual differences are accepted.

CHILDREN’S CENTER develops, in partnership with its consumers, opportunities for an improved quality of life, meaningful daily activities, recovery and remission from mental illness, active participation in community life, and rewarding social interaction with others. We seek to create culturally sensitive, competent, and responsive services toward reaching these goals.


CHILDREN’S CENTER as an integral part of the community serves a vital role in providing mental health services to children, adolescents, and their families. The following value statements are cornerstones of the mission and goals of CHILDREN’S CENTER.

  • The diversity among us shall be valued as a strength of the organization. All individuals will be treated with respect, courtesy, kindness and concern, and, there shall be no discrimination based upon ethnicity, race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, financial status or political beliefs.
  • An environment of personal and professional growth, learning and accountability shall be fostered.
  • Flexibility, cooperation and adaptation to change shall be expected of all staff.
  • Serving children and families within the highest standards of care which promotes consumer and family involvement.
  • Promoting a client-directed, outcome-informed treatment approach that is respectful of families and supports individual and family strengths.
  • Providing family interventions at the earliest point possible to strengthen the family’s ability to care for their children.
  • Maintaining high standards of treatment services and ongoing program evaluation.
  • Continuous quality improvement of services which includes professional development, education and training.
  • Working effectively in partnership with other community providers and groups to empower and strengthen the family.
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