Hope is the Antidote to Fear

This month our twins, Callie and Connor, turn 18. As I reflect, amid the memories of sleepless nights and lots (and lots) of diapers, one experience on the day of their birth repeatedly comes to mind. My wife, Michelle, went into labor at 29 weeks and the doctors at OHSU decided an emergency C-section was needed. As Michelle headed to surgery, one of the doctor (seeing my very obvious fear) put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in my tear-filled eyes, and said, “Remember you’re in a world-class hospital. We have a team who will take good care your wife and kids.”                                                                                 I’ll never forget that brief interaction. The doctor’s kindness and his words gave me something I had not yet felt: HOPE.                                                                                                                                         Many parents and caregivers come to Children’s Center experiencing the same fears I did that night. They worry about their child’s health and are sometimes fearful that their child may not make it. Our goal — with your help — is to provide that same HOPE the doctor provided me so many years ago. To reassure them that we have a team of clinicians who will take good care of their child. Because of you we provided HOPE and healing to over 700 children and their families last month, and with your continued support we’ll help many more in the months and years ahead.

Matthew Butte, Executive Director

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