While chatting with a couple of our therapists recently I lamented that I’d like to be back to how things were before the pandemic — fully staffed so we can meet the high demand for our services! My skilled colleagues gave me some advice that I found helpful in the midst of all the challenges we are facing today. The first thing they suggested is acceptance of reality. There are 30% less mental health professionals in Washington State than there were before the pandemic, and there are fewer students studying to enter in the field. We can’t change that. But we can adapt to work within this new reality. The second piece of advice was to celebrate what we do have, what we are able to do. With your help we impacted approximately 550 clients last month. Changing or saving the lives of these clients impacts their families, their future families, their friends — and many more in their community! That is something to celebrate. That is what gets those of us who have the privilege to work here up in the morning. I don’t know what tomorrow looks like, but I do know we’ll continue doing all we can with what we have to help children and their families heal. And I know you’ll be alongside us to help make it possible. Thank you for your steadfast support.

Matthew Butte, Executive Director

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