When you support Children’s Center’s mission, you become a “Champion of Hope” for a child in need. In this series, we’ll interview our dedicated Champions to find out what inspired them to stand up for Clark County kids! You may recognize Cinda Connelly from our Spring 2018 print newsletter. Here’s the “extended cut” interview. We’re so lucky to have such passionate supporters!

Meet Cinda Connelly

What keeps you busy?

“I volunteer at a local theater company, practice yoga, walk, take Mature Learning classes at Clark College, read 3-4 books per a month (one for my book club), drink English tea, watch old movies and I love to travel.”

How have you supported the Children’s Center?

“Annual giving, organizing and helping sort food and toy drives, and planning Annual Luncheon and Garden/Wine events.”

Why does children’s mental health matter?

“My family of origin, like many families, has mental illness in it. Having grown up with family members with mental illness and substance abuse problems it is important for me that access to recovery and ongoing mental health services and support are available to children and their families. Because of the healthcare system that we have in this country, most families are unable to avail themselves to the support that is available. It is important to me that early intervention and ongoing care is accessible to all who need it and want it.”

What moved you to take action and support Children’s Center?

“I began coming to the Friends of Children’s Center meetings 20 years ago because a friend encouraged me to join. I have always been grateful that I have an opportunity to be a part of raising funds for the center with the Annual Luncheon and Fall Wine Garden Tour and support the children and their families with Thanksgiving Food Drives, Toy Drives for Christmas, Easter baskets, and Mother’s Day gifts. It is fun and fulfilling.”

What do you wish people knew about Children’s Center?

“I wish people knew of the innovations that have come from the wonderful staff in regards to treating and caring for children with mental illness, especially the very young. I with that people knew the many places that the Children’s Center has opened up for treatment, such as the high schools. I wish that people would understand how early intervention gives the child and their family an opportunity for a rewarding and enriching life from which our whole society benefits.”

Want to join Cinda in standing up for children’s mental health?

We’re always looking for members of the Children’s Center community who want to help inspire others! Can we feature you in our next interview? Get in touch with Matthew Butte at matthewb@thechildrenscenter.org to learn how you can help.

“Above all we must realize that each of us makes a difference with our life. Each of us impacts the world around us every single day.” – Dr. Jane Goodall