Your generosity is felt, your faces are missed.

Therapy is defined as a “treatment intended to relieve or heal.” Since March 2020 Children’s Center has
been helping to heal those with wide range of mental health challenges via telehealth, but on May 10,
2021 we began the first phase of our return to in person treatment with a small number of clients and
therapists returning to the office. It has been — like many reunions since the start of the pandemic —
an emotional one for both therapist and client, and we look forward to further transitioning to more in
person services as the situation allows.
Whether by telehealth or in person our work is made possible by you — our community of generous
supporters. We have missed you and look forward to eventually seeing more of you in person, too. While
we have been spatially distant during these past months we have sensed you with us every step of the
way. As the pages of this newsletter reveal, your support, kindness, and message of hope to the children
and families we serve have been stronger than ever. You have given over $400,000 this year to help
make our work possible; not to mention the countless gift cards, food, and other practical items. A huge
thank you to each of you for ensuring kids have the support they need during this very difficult time.

Matthew Butte

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