Children’s Center therapists placed at Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Washington and Clark Country Domestic Violence Prosecution Center.

Major strides have been made toward our strategic priority of providing access to mental health services for at-risk children and youth throughout Clark County with the introduction of two new programs.

Thank you to the Legacy Health Community Benefit Fund and The Waldon M. Groves Fund for stepping up to bring access to needed mental health care to children in our community!

Kids Gain Access to Mental Health Services

Children’s Center therapists Alanna Lynem, Nicole McBride, and Michelle Butler bring mental health services to at-risk kids.

New Local Children’s Mental Health Programs


Funding Source: Legacy Health Community Benefit Fund

The Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Washington identified mental health support as the greatest area of need at the Club.

“We’re seeing kids who’ve experienced terrible things in their life,” said Elise Menashe, executive director. The youth they serve are more likely to be affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences and less likely to be able to access much-needed health care.

To address these critical needs, Legacy Health Community Benefit Fund awarded the Boys and Girls Club $150,000 to partner with Children’s Center to place two part-time mental health therapists at two of their elementary Club sites and the Teen Turf Club.

The program will serve 125 Club members through individual or small group counseling and provide access to mental health services for up to 1,300 youth annually. In addition, Children’s Center provides staff education and training.


Funding Source: The Waldon M. Groves Fund

Last year alone the Clark County Domestic Violence Prosecutors Office led over 1,600 domestic violence cases — and 80% of these cases involve children in the home. Children who witness domestic violence are six times more likely to commit suicide, 50 times more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and seven times more likely to commit a crime. If you find those stats shocking, you’re not the only one.

The Prosecution Center asked Children’s Center to provide support to victims of domestic violence. The Waldon M. Groves Fund, a Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington helped make that request a reality! A part-time therapist now provides victims of domestic abuse with the mental health support they desperately need.

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